Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Observations

Yes, I am well aware of the timestamp on my posting...don't worry about that.

I just felt compelled at this hour to comment on a few things I noticed tonight:

1) Whereas most chicks in Texas are complete wusses when it comes to the slightest chill, the midwest/East Coast girls here do not appear to be bothered by the crisp night air.

2) Walking out of the library at 2 AM to the sight of a multiple braces of Chris-Chris dudes and their respective generic hot girls in f me boots is...really strange. It makes sense though, given the geography of the campus, as the quickest route from South University (the street I live on), to certain parts of the west part of campus (where many of the bars are), is through the Diag (makes a diagonal line through Central campus, so basically the hypotenuse of the right triangle to drinkage).

3) It appears there is a direct proportionality between a girl's hotness, and her predilection towards PDA. I detest watching or participating in PDAs. Therefore, it is implied that higher levels of female hotness here at UM are accompanied by a commensurate loathing from me. QED. Okay, so maybe that proof sucks, but I need the practice for a test on Wednesday, so, if you don't like it, eat me.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."


Margaret said...

Hey! we're not wusses.. it's just cold in Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Boy, somebody sounds bitter xD