Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not familiar with this kind of personal foul...

Okay, I've heard of unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness...but this?

And what's even more wheels off is this just happened again recently at a college game with a completely different ref!

Monday, November 26, 2007

An extremely unfortunately named beverage I discovered today while perusing the beer aisle...

Click here for taste stimulation

Honestly, if you take a quick gander around the site, you'll notice many of the pictures feature dudes advertising for this particular malt beverage, which frankly, if you are a guy and caught drinking the beverage in question, with the utmost gravitas you should ruminate the decisions that have constituted the path to arrive at this singular moment, the epitome of man-shame.

And what better way to quench your thirst after a tough day at the Temple of Doom:


Mitchell will probably be the only one to get that, but that would still make it worth posting.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Two glorious wins for the Texas A&M football program today

Well, I can finally remove the text from the end of my blog posts now, as Fran is now officially done, resigning his position as head coach during the postgame press conference today. From what I understand after doing some digging, A&M was able to negotiate a buy out of his salary for next year, so instead of having to shell out 11 or 12 million, they only have to present him a blood money suitcase of non-sequential, unmarked 20 dollar bills in the amount of about 2 mil. All in all, a pretty nice little day for the Ags. I just hope Bill Byrne will give me something to cheer about whenever they make their next head coaching hire.

Also, a pretty funny bit from Phil Jackson:

I'm no Phil Jackson fan, and Mark Cuban DOES own him, but that rebuttal of his is just solid, SOLID gold.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Speaking of Weddings...

...most genius first dance...EVER.

Props to Margaret for finding this golden nugget of idiocy.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I thought that was a pretty solid picture from the rehearsal dinner that people might enjoy. I suppose everyone had a good time at the wedding, and I know it was certainly great to interact with everyone again at an event where the good times were flowing as freely as Tony Romo TD passes.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Next Great Belgian-Style White Ale

So I finally procured a sixer of Celis White, something I have been arduously seeking for some time now, being privy to the fact that its brewed a scant 45 minutes northwest of Ann Arbor. Before pouring the first long-awaited tasty brew I realized that I had not had a Celis in probably 5 or 6 years, from before when they had the brewery in Austin. Upon the first sip of libation coursing past my lips I was immediately aware of one rather eminent fact; my beer tastes have matured significantly in the past 5 years or so. I had built up this exaggerated image in my head of how tremendous Celis White was (and admittedly, I am on a tear for Belgian White Ales at the moment), and found myself supremely disappointed upon its reintroduction into my beer rotation. Its not that it was terrible by any means...just not at the level which I remembered. I suppose that could possibly be a function of the formula that the Michigan Brewing Company is using as compared to what the Austin brewery was operating with, but regardless, I'd far sooner imbibe a Hoegaarden before I would a Celis White (rather ironic, given the fact that Pierre Celis left the Hoegaarden factory to start brewing Celis White, claiming that was the way Hoegaarden was "supposed" to be).

However, all was not lost, as I did discover a white ale better than Hoegaarden...Bell's Brewery Winter White Ale. Brewed here in Michigan, just a shade outside of Kalamazoo (they make a decent stout as well), it's got a solid color, genius taste (it is nothing short of amazing on draft), and it's readily available, at least for the next few months.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Looks as if in a matter of weeks I will be able to remove the formatting I have on my posts, as the bottom line that has followed all my postings will no longer be necessary. Fran became quite defensive in a press conference this week when reporters were asking about the speculations that have been running rampant lately, but frankly, the dude has to know his days are numbered, as the administration seems to have already tacitly implied he's done. A glorious day it will be in Aggieland when Fran gets the boot. A glorious day indeed.

Today we got some snow in Ann Arbor, but the ground temperature is still a bit too warm, so all the precipitation was melting when it hit. Regardless, it was a bit jarring to walk out of my morning class to a pretty steady flurry of snowfall; guess I ought to get used to such occurrences.

One quick note about a news story I was reading, regarding a toy recall that struck me as well...hilarious. I initially saw the headline and read the first few sentences, which of course was along the generic lines of "some toy made in China is making kids sick...blah blah blah...recall...etc. etc.", so I'm thinking, okay, another "China making bad toys recall" story. In this particular case, the toy in question was something called Aqua Dots, and apparently is some form of beads, though I'm not exactly sure what you are supposed to do with them. The children in the story came to the conclusion that the best thing to do with the plastic-based beads was eat them, and it was found that as the body metabolizes the coating on the beads, it releases a concentrated form of GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate, or in layman's terms, the date rape drug). Now, where it got interesting was when they were talking about some of the childrens' situations, one in particular who ate several dozen beads. Okay, now I'm not necessarily trying to defend the Chinese toy manufacturers, but there's a greater than 0 chance, if your dumb ass kid eats something on the order of 40-50 plastic beads...they, uh, are probably gonna have an adverse reaction, buddy. It is definitely still a flag the Chinese are cutting corners in their manufacturing process, but honestly, I think that kid was going to find a way to seriously injure him/herself in one way or another.

Alright, enough distractions, back to homework, studying, and the beatings which those respectively imply.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys (and possibly girls?...hey ladies, let me here from ya!), as alas, I have shirked my duties in throwing something up here.

I suppose there really isn't anything to post here that would be of significance to anyone reading (my life is dominated by class and research activities which I doubt anybody would find terribly interesting), so in the words of the great Bobby Knight, let's move on to something of importance...if in fact there is anything.

I was glad to see the Cowboys locked up Romo, and the Mavs are off to a good start. Ideally this season I'd like to see a better defensive effort from Dirk, better offensive production around the rim from him (given the nature of his game, probably an unreasonable request, but still), and the emergence of Devin Harris. And a freaking championship.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing all my friends and somesuch at Cary's wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, and the weekend will certainly be a much appreciated Sabbatical, albeit brief, from the rigors of life here in Ann Arbor. Hopefully I will catch you all in good spirits.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."