Monday, December 10, 2007

Does anybody watch ESPN Sunday Morning Countdown? Familiar with The Mayne Event? Basically, it's just Kenny Mayne doing a segment of pure idiocy...which had some Cowboys significance today. He was sitting at a restaurant in Brooklyn with members of Sopranos cast, talking about Cowboys offensive assistant head coach Tony Sparano, and then they cut to a re-enactment of the final episode of the Sopranos in the diner, with Tony Sparano waiting while various people came in, including one very special cameo by a rather well-known resident of Dallas (I totally giggled with glee when I saw it). It shows Witten sitting at a booth in biker gear and a bandana, and Romo also walks in and starts to glance around menacingly. One of the Cowboys cheerleaders (who has trouble parking her car in standard ditzy girl fashion), serves as the Meadow role. It's freaking money, and as soon as I can find a video, I'm going to post it up here on my blog for all to enjoy.

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