Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have a happy VD

...I mean a happy Valentine's Day, come on, what did you think I meant?

Boy, talk about sports blue balls, being delivered by Devean George last Everyone was reporting the Kidd deal for the Mavs was essentially done, and then the train absolutely flew off the tracks once George exercised his contract option. I for one don't know quite how to feel about it all. I think short term, it makes the Mavericks a better team, but Devin Harris appeared to be showing more promise this year and I was really looking forward to seeing where that might take the team...which I suppose is technically still on the table for the moment. I have a hunch, though, the front office will find some way to make the Kidd acquisition happen. And then we will really be able to separate the men from the taxpayers...most definitely.

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