Friday, November 23, 2007

Two glorious wins for the Texas A&M football program today

Well, I can finally remove the text from the end of my blog posts now, as Fran is now officially done, resigning his position as head coach during the postgame press conference today. From what I understand after doing some digging, A&M was able to negotiate a buy out of his salary for next year, so instead of having to shell out 11 or 12 million, they only have to present him a blood money suitcase of non-sequential, unmarked 20 dollar bills in the amount of about 2 mil. All in all, a pretty nice little day for the Ags. I just hope Bill Byrne will give me something to cheer about whenever they make their next head coaching hire.

Also, a pretty funny bit from Phil Jackson:

I'm no Phil Jackson fan, and Mark Cuban DOES own him, but that rebuttal of his is just solid, SOLID gold.

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