Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally, a chance to sit down again and blog. Hopefully now that I'm in a somewhat more stable internet situation I will be able to post with more regularity.

So earlier today I took a few pictures of my apartment's interior and the surroundings:

So when I walk out my door and look to my left, this is what I see:

And when I get to the end of the alley and glance right I see:

And if I were to walk across the street and turn back towards the alley leading to my apartment, I might take a gander at something like this:

I am living smack dab in the middle of downtown Ann Arbor, which I still haven't thoroughly explored at this point, though I understand within walking distance is a bar with 60 beers or somesuch on tap, including many genius German offerings (my kind of place). I'm not sure how much time I'll really have to frequent the various establishments in my vicinity, but I will say that there is a great deal of convenience living where I do, and the next year should see a significant amount of ambulatory action on my part.

This Saturday will be my first trip to the Big House (Michigan Stadium) to watch the Wolverines take on Appalachian State (don't even know their mascot, and frankly I don't care). My passion for Wolverines football will never supplant my love of the Ags, but I'm sure the football experience here will be sublime.

Though I haven't been in class, it's been an unbelievably busy week between orientations, running errands, and getting my apartment in order. In case anybody is curious about when I will be in class (for those of you who actually still around reading this blog):

M 9:30-11:00 1:30-2:30
T 12:00-1:30
W 9:30-11:00 1:30-2:30 4:30-6:30
TH 12:00-1:30
F 1:30-2:30

I have three classes, which I understand is about the maximum you want to take as a graduate student, so we'll see how that goes. Anyways, I hope everyone back in the great state of Texas is doing well, and I will leave you with this sportsy haiku:

T-New concerns me,
We need him very healthy,
Our best cornerback.


Jeff said...

Hahah! Holy crap, a Korean restaurant! Perhaps you should inquire about the nearest Asian district.

Anonymous said...

Woooooow. Nice haiku, bro.