Friday, August 3, 2007

Okay, I've got to get this posting done lickety-split, as I've been monopolizing the computer for a while, perusing my pictures from the past two days, and culling ones to throw up here. First I present to you:

This, my friends, is a tasty pot of silk worms. And to quell the question that has most certainly materialized in your head...yes I had one. Kind of tasted like a roasted nut, except with some juice in the middle. TOASTY!!!

This next picture is from a place called Hwajinpo, and the house behind Jeff is the private residence of Kim Sung Il, father of the current North Korean premiere, Kim Jong Il. The inset picture is of a young Kim Jong Il sitting in the exact spot you see a slightly morose Jeff. Guess he's feeling a bit ronrey.

The next picture is a pretty wheels off situation we ran into at a small port town called Jeongdongjin (jin means port, and dong means east, I'm totally learning Korean!). That, as you may discern, is a ship, except that it is on top of a hill, and not in any body of water. It was actually constructed with normal ship materials, and it houses a hotel and some other good times places.

There is also a year long hourglass there (made by Samsung), which has depicted on it all the animals of the Chinese calendar. Here's a link to a site explaining it:
Link to Hourglass Park

And our last stop of the day was at a limestone cave:

This stop convinced me the next camera purchase I may need to invest in is a nice TTL Canon flash.

Earlier in the morning, we actually spent some time climbing Mt. Sorak (which was outside the British style hotel we stayed in Thursday night), and Jeff and I emerged triumphantly on the summit, where we were greeted with the resplendent sight of...fog. I took some pictures, but none of my photographic evidence could conclusively prove I reached the top. I did however capture some picturesque scenes of mist languidly roiling down the mountainside in the early morning...sweetness. Anyways, I'm having a great time, and eating some great Korean food. I'll keep throwing up pictures and diurnal activities as I get access to various computer junior type situations around Korea. Until next time ahnyunghe gasehyo (that's goodbye in Korean, though my transliteration is probably incorrect).

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I'm going to try some insects in Asia. Not any fried cockroaches though.