Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Auto Show greatness

Okay, sorry for the tardiness of the pictures, but here are a few things I culled from the photos I snapped on Saturday:

So the first picture is a Ferrari F430...running on biofuels!?

Here is a nice 650K dollar supercar...a Mercedes SLR:

Next up is the new version of the STI rally car:

Here is Nissan's answer to the 911 Twin Turbo...the Skyline GT-R:

This Lexus IS-F (a souped up version of the IS350) has something to say about M3s everywhere (namely, to suck it!):

And finally, the car I was perhaps impressed with the most is this Audi R8 TDI; it's a turbocharged diesel engine producing 500 brake horsepower, and about 740 ft-lbs of torque at extremely low RPM...and it gets 23 miles to the gallon!

Overall the car show was quite impressive, though I was a bit disappointed that BMW didn't have the new M3 there, and also some of the companies didn't have too much information readily available to check out the specs for their cars. And my GOSH, were there a lot of little rugrats scurrying about everywhere and a plethora of strollers on the show floor...it was quite a beating at times. Mind you, I have nothing against little kids, but the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) is a big people place, not a funhouse for the little ones.

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