Thursday, January 24, 2008

Man, I have really been shirking my duty in keeping this blog updated. I am truly failing at life.

I will definitely have a post sometime Saturday night or early Sunday, as I will be attending the North American International Auto Show this Saturday in Detroit. Hopefully I can get a few interesting pictures to post up here (my understanding is Ferrari has a freaking bio-fuels car at the show!). This is the world's biggest automotive show, and I've been looking at pictures posted on the Subaru forums site I frequent for years now, wishing I could be there. That dream will now be realized (though I've been told it's only good to go to every few years).

To touch on the sports page...Tuna is stealing all our coaches! We lost three more today, not including the recent loss of Tony Sporano, so Wade is going to have to get to work here in the off season. Thankfully we will be able to retain the services of the great Jason Garrett, which I'm sure most would agree is the most critical coaching component of this Cowboys team.

I tell you, this Super Bowl is just completely depressing to me. This time of year I'm supposed to be excited about watching the final clash between those teams which epitomize gridiron greatness, but all I can think about is how much I loathe both teams, and wish they could both lose and award the championship to the Cowboys. I am really not looking forward much to watching the Big Game, though I suppose I will, and I further suppose I will root for the hated New York football Giants, very begrudingly I might add. It's just not really a good time in sports for me now, what with having to endure the Mavericks AND Cowboys top-seeded choke jobs in a 7 month time period, and having to endure another year of A&M mediocrity. I'm not sure how much more my fragile sports soul can endure.

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First place Texas Rangers!!!