Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's been a dark and dismal week for me...that Cowboys loss has really not set well with me. I have never had less interest in the Conference Championship weekend, though I do have some hope that with the Green Bay is playing, they might be able to take the P-men in the Super Bowl (come on, we all know that's who it's going to be).

Naturally, my mind is already turning on what moves need to be made in the off season to correct the issues they had this year. I don't know how they are going to do it, but Jerry is going to need to throw even more money into a secondary that already represents a considerable financial investment on his part. They just don't have any depth at corner after Henry and Newman and Roy...he is a shade of his former self. He doesn't seem as opportunistic anymore, and he is becoming more of a liability on the field than an asset. I'm not sure there is much solution there, as he's under the shade of a massive contract for several more seasons...we are probably stuck with waiting for the next horse collar tackle he performs.

Jules Jones is probably done...definitely a good character guy, I've certainly never had any problem with the dude, but after the end of his rookie season I certainly had higher expectations for the guy. I suspect the Cowboys may use a lower round draft pick to grab a runner with some finesse to compliment the greatness of MB3, and perhaps even sign a veteran before camp, and likely cut Tyson Thompson. There will be significant talk about Jerry, the noted Arkansas alum, trading Dallas' two first round picks and likely other picks to get down low enough to draft McFadden, but honestly I would be fairly suprised to see this occur. Jerry, among other people (sorry Coach Ditka) have gotten themselves into trouble trading away multiple high round draft picks for a single player. Obviously, though, I think McFadden will be a stud in the NFL, and if the Cowboys could work something out for a minimal trade, I could probably be on board...I'm just not sure there is any viable scenario for that to occur.

The more likely case for Dallas in the first round is to trade down with the two picks to try and snag a nice receiver, as we all know TO Owens and Terry Glenn just aren't going to have too many more seasons left.

Thank goodness Garrett is going to stay, though honestly, considering he will make head coaching money to stay with a talented team and knows that he will probably be head coach in one to two seasons, it didn't really make much sense for him to leave. He is going to end up inheriting a great team which he already has close ties to, and obviously a good repoire with the makes financial and career sense for the guy to stay in Dallas.

Oh man, I could probably sit here another hour furthering this offseason discourse, but frankly, I can only sit and think about the Cowboys for so long before I start tearing up like TO Owens...

And because I don't want to end on a downer, enjoy some idiocy:


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