Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great win for the Cowboys today...definitely did not expect them to throw up 37 against the Dolphins defense, but I will absolutely take it.

A few thoughts about the game:

I think the most encouraging thing about this game for me is that they went into a hostile place that is tough to win, minus some key starters, against a solid defense, and they ended up with a really nice double digit win. It seems to bode well for the future, specifically next week where they will face an even more stringent defense.

I also realized today I have a total man crush on Marion do I love that guy. The way he plays the game, and how he is so intense every single time he gets the ball is just exhiliarating. And just so everyone understands, I am not one of those dudes calling into the Ticket clamoring for starting Barber over Jules Jones; quite the contrary actually. MB3 is able to do what he does precisely because of the running back situation Dallas has established, and boy is it effective.

Can anybody find me a more useless human being than Tony Siragusa? Everytime I have to listen to those flaccid gums flap some inconsequential tripe, I can actually feel my life force being drawn from out every orifice of my body into the screen.

Anyways, I'm just looking forward to seeing what the Ags can do this Thursday night at the OB; it's their first real test of the season, and probably a decent gauge if Fran will be able to save his job during this "Rasputin year" of sorts.

Alright, enough sports for now, time for some engineering work. Lacey, out.


Margaret said...

Uh oh... jumping on the bromance wagon! ;)

ProgRockerWorldwide said...

Josh, I think you'd be happy to hear that I'm throwing my support completely behind the Boys this year. The Bears had their chance and I do not think they will get another one in the next few years.

ProgRockerWorldwide said...

Oh, and how about T.O. Owens? Think about how him, Witten and Glenn would be when (if) Glenn gets back!

Cary said...

Here comes the TANK!