Saturday, September 8, 2007

Michigan sucks and the A&M game was epic (they won in triple OT!). Just another day in college football.

At least a few good things came out of today.

Michigan Stadium sells Lemon Chills (the real kind, like they have at The Temple...genius!).

The small grocery directly across the street from my apartment has an idiotically large selection of beer, and Michigan actually stocks Hoegaarden. Genius!

I have already rearranged my classes once, and after a meeting I had Friday with the graduate chair for mechanical engineering, I find myself contemplating another possible swap for one more class, to ensure I can get all these qualifying exams finished that I have to take on my way to a PhD. I tell ya, my schedule was never in this much disarray as an undergrad, but they have just implemented a new system for PhD students in my department, making things a touch hairy at this point. I wouldn't say I'm in full panic mode at this point, but I am definitely a bit ill at ease, as I am still adjusting to college life again and trying to remember and moreover relearn lessons I have not utilized in many years.

At least it appears I will get some research up and running fairly soon, and with the professor that I was interested in working with from back in March during my campus visit.

Anyways, enough blog-prattle, back to studying for me (yeah, I know, sounds ridiculous, but it's absolutely necessary at this point).

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Cary said...

You bastards, you guys kept my UT game from coming on cause ATM can't finish off Fresno State at home