Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Man, I think I may just start referring to Wade Phillips as "Inverse Tuna" or maybe "1/Tuna". Seriously, that guy just comes off so casual and nonchalant in his interviews on the morning show...and I haven't quite decided yet if I like it. I suppose I may come around to his coaching philosophy if it translates to success on the field, but it's quite an adjustment after having four years of the always cantankerous Tuna.

I saw someone walking around one of the engineering buildings today in a "Fire Lloyd" shirt. Honestly, the guy is absolutely anathema to the student body here. When they announced the players and coaches last week before the Oregon game, everyone in the Big House booed at the mention of Lloyd Carr's name. On a related note, the shirt sighting made me consider an investment into a "Fire Fran" garment, though around it here it wouldn't make much sense.

Also, one other community quick hit, if you check out the site LiveVideoU, eventually once it launches, there should be a video of me talking about the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a bit about the Cowboys (I was wearing my Witten jersey when the interview was conducted). I was solicited as I was going to the library to study a couple of days ago, and apparently the site will have video interviews from a myriad of students' perspectives on various campuses around the U.S. Cary, you'll be happy to know the dude holding the camera and asking the questions was a graduate of UT, and he specifically grabbed me because he noticed my A&M ring (and Cowboys jersey) and suspected there was a greater than 0 chance I might have come from the great state of Texas.

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