Sunday, September 16, 2007


Woo hoo!!! So finally, our football team gets a win. I have to say, the Big House is a great deal more enjoyable after a decidedly Wolverine-friendly conclusion. They do some pretty interesting things with The Wave as well (which I hadn't experienced until yesterday, because they only start it late in games when we are winning). It starts out as just the standard Wave we all know (and categorically see as generic), but then people, as if they were operating on some collective hive mind, begin to slow down, and then speed up the pace of The Wave (very cool affect from the stands). Apparently, if it goes long enough, they even do a split Wave, where two independent Waves work their way in opposite directions around the stadium to eventually converge, and then continue through each other...still waiting to see that in action.

On a related sportsy note, Notre Dame is abysmally terrible. Before their last possession of the game they had 22 yards of total offense. For the whole game. I don't think in all my years of watching football on any competitive level, I have ever witnessed a more inept display of offense, and consider to, that is coming against a very shaky defense in Michigan. I actually feel bad for Notre Dame fans, because with what they fielded yesterday, they aren't even going to beat the service academies.

Well, I'm at the library right now, getting a bit of work done before America's Team settles in for their epic struggle with the Dolphins. I sincerely hope the defense will make a far better showing than the track meet I had to watch last Sunday night. I'm not sure that I will have time, but the Sunday night game with the Chargers and Patriots just about has me foaming at the mouth, especially in light of the recent events with the P-Men, and regarding the outcome of the playoff game last year in San Diego. Anybody want to bet again LT having a career night tonight...didn't think so. I know that guy is gonna bring it.

While he not the most adroit broadcaster, Emmitt made an extremely good point today on NFL Countdown, regarding Belichick. He basically asserted that Belichick's actions were the epitome of arrogance; being caught for an illicit act, appropriately reprimanded, and then giving the middle finger to the league to turn around and do it again (and even more egregiously claiming by his 'interpretation' of the rules he thought it was legal...what nerve!). All I'm gonna say, is I hope the Chargers annihilate those dirty, cheating P-Men tonight. Down with Belichick! Down with Brady and his fun baby!

But most importantly...go Cowboys!


Anonymous said...

roflcopter some career night by LT, bro ;p

ProgRockerWorldwide said...

Yeah, your prediction was crap. Aggies up to number 20 in AP poll! tu can barely beat their scrub opponents!