Sunday, September 23, 2007

I really don't have enough superlatives right now to convey the joy that I have after watching the Cowboys absolutely dismantle the Bears on their home turf. I tell ya, somehow everything in the world just seems to make sense and I feel better prepared for the week ahead after a Cowboys win like that.

I saw a really solid defensive effort tonight, and the good news is, its only going to get better as T-New's status improves and Greg Ellis returns to the lineup. Despite the Roy Williams' "shove" on Desmond Clark, the secondary really had a nice game with some solid heads up plays, including the fumble recovery and pick by Roy. Then again, they were going up against a QB that had the crowd chanting the backup's (Brian Griese) name halfway through the game.

Offensively at the moment, the Cowboys are just unstoppable. This is the first time in many years that I can really stop and think to myself "Honestly, this is an elite team in the NFL." Romo is a freaking Jedi...this is not the QB you want to tackle...My sports man crush bromance with MB3 grows exponentially each passing week...the guy just runs with such intensity and unadulterated's a truly wonderful spectacle to behold.

I will definitely be going to my lecture tomorrow with a smile on my face. How 'bout them Cowboys!!!

Okay, and just to be non-sportsy for a brief moment, I did a bit of 'sploring this weekend to try and figure out if there is any kind of acceptable Freebird's ersatz here in Ann Arbor.

I tried out one place on Friday night at the suggestion of another of my fellow mechanical engineering comrades, called Big Ten Burrito (or just BTB, as everyone calls it here) wasn't too bad. Sort of on the order of a Qdoba/Chipotle type situation. Also, I discovered that right across the street from me (yeah I know I keep saying everything is right across the street, but really, you don't understand how much crap is right around me), is a place called Panchero's, which is essentially a Chipotle clone. So while I'm not entirely bereft of a bounty of burritos, there is definitely no substitute for the greatness that is Freebird's. The Mexican-esque food is definitely hard to come by this far north, though. Of course now that I know where to go to get hummus, who gives a crap!

Oh and here is something kind of funny. I don't know if you know, but they did actually make one of the Coors Light press conference commercials based off the Dennis Green blow up last year (my freaking dream!). Here is a homemade one that is kind of funny, and is super Mitchell-esque at the end.

"Moreover, I advise that Fran must be canned."


Jeff said...

And only think, that we could have had the almighty NORV!

What a joke the Chargers have become so quickly.

Cary said...

How about them Cowboys?
The Cowboys' offense has been prolific. Tony Romo has obviously benefited from all he went through last year. He looks like he has really improved. The Cowboys are getting a lot out of WR Terrell Owens. Their offensive line looks much better. Tight end Jason Witten is a good threat, and they have a nice situation at running back with Marion Barber and Julius Jones. Offensively, they look pretty strong and can probably sustain this steady production.

I'm not surprised by Romo's play. I saw him do some of this last year. He's playing very, very well. There will be a rough spot or two because he is still in a maturation process as a player. But if he can keep it up, the Cowboys will win a lot of games.

Against the Bears in Week 3, the defense played better than it had in the first two weeks. The Bears' offense, on the other hand, doesn't present much of a challenge. The real test will be when Dallas faces Donovan McNabb and the Eagles in Week 9.

-Bill Parcells on ESPN.COM